Chains and Black

Chains and Black

Dr. Martens black booties
$445 –

Steve Madden Bzelda


Lazy Bone

Lazy Bone

Food favorites!

Hello there! Its time for food favorites!

Kitkat Green Tea And Kitkat Cherry Blossoms.

Omg! You really have to try these! They are so scrumptious and I really mean it! The chocolate is so frakin’ good! Btw, I got mine from Japan so I’m not really sure if its available in some countires. For those of you who haven’t tried these GO TRY IT! I promise you won’t regret it.


Oreo Mint

This is the bomb! I really really really love oreos like a big fan of oreos and this is like the perfect combo ever! I mean, Oreo and mint? I even tried making an oreo mint milkshake…. Tastes like heaven! Go give it a shot!


Photos are taken from my instagram.