Bookworm alert!

Hello! I know its been a while since i posted here. And i missed it that much! Well i got busy with tons of school stuffs and my hellweek is just around the corner. College is so stressful but its hella fun! As a student i prioritize my studies first then party hard later. You know what i mean. Everyone needs to celebrate and pay off their hardwork. After celebrating comes pampering and this is my way of pampering “ebooks”.I decided switching to ebooks because i don’t have enough space for my books and i don’t want to give them out or worst comes worst throw it away. its a big NO!

Im currently reading nina garcia’s book “The black book of style” 4th book at the top shelf and its so freakin’ amazing. I have no regrets of purchasing this book. Then my favorite book is “Why men love bitches” the 1st book top shelf its so hilarious! I can’t get my eyes off of this book.

Bottom line? i purchased these ebooks to relax my mind for the upcoming hell week or also known as “FINALS”. Wish me luck!



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