A Doze of Percy Jackson the Son of Poseidon


Eversince I got my hands on the book “Sea of Monsters”(Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2) I couldn’t stop reading it! I just got curious so I went through the book to scan but it didn’t happen… I was drowning through the thoughts of Rick Riordan. I didn’t read “The Lightning Thief” (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) because I’ve already watched the movie starring Logan Lerman which is my celebrity crush! (I honestly did’t read the series because of him, it was really my choice and I’m eyeing this books a long time ago) Who knows I might read the first book in the future.

Dear Rick Riordan,
You are such an awesome author! Hands down!!! No other author has ever done that! I kept reading these marvelous series. Everytime i have to stop reading because I need to get some sleep I kept on anticipating. I got addicted! Please make more books. I would gladly read them. And I wanna say thank you because you inspired me and all the people who read your books.

Anne H.

Maybe the greek stuff caught my attention. Well I’m madly inlove with greek stories. That explains it. I also got 4 new books from my favorite author Rick Riordan. The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune and last The Mark of Athena. (Hero of Olympus Series) And the short story of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” The Demigod files.

I just can’t wait to finish all those books but what comes after?



Bookworm alert!

Hello! I know its been a while since i posted here. And i missed it that much! Well i got busy with tons of school stuffs and my hellweek is just around the corner. College is so stressful but its hella fun! As a student i prioritize my studies first then party hard later. You know what i mean. Everyone needs to celebrate and pay off their hardwork. After celebrating comes pampering and this is my way of pampering “ebooks”.I decided switching to ebooks because i don’t have enough space for my books and i don’t want to give them out or worst comes worst throw it away. its a big NO!

Im currently reading nina garcia’s book “The black book of style” 4th book at the top shelf and its so freakin’ amazing. I have no regrets of purchasing this book. Then my favorite book is “Why men love bitches” the 1st book top shelf its so hilarious! I can’t get my eyes off of this book.

Bottom line? i purchased these ebooks to relax my mind for the upcoming hell week or also known as “FINALS”. Wish me luck!